Technology, Law, and Privacy: Gone With the Wind?

Data protection has been a fundamental right since 1970 and it is getting more and more important with advances in technology. Without an effective data protection framework many crucial aspects of a democratic society such as the right to have a private life, freedom of speech, presumption of innocence, and human dignity in general would be at stake. From that perspective, all democratic countries have implemented an effective data protection legal framework. Besides that, United Nations, European Council, European Union, OECD, APEC and many other international bodies issued declarations regarding privacy and data protection. However, the legal framework for data protection in Turkey is still not at a desired level. On the other hand, there are large scale IT projects in Turkey especially regarding the education and health sectors. Among those, FATIH project is getting attention worldwide. With FATIH project, it is expected that every student will have a tablet computer in the near future, and the whole education system will be computerized. Health is another sector where IT tranformation is going on at full speed. IT revolution is important for turkey in order to have a more effective Health and Education System. However, we believe that there is not much investment in assesing the privacy impact of using IT technology in health and education though such large scale projects with centralized data storage systems. In fact data protection in education and health is still a topic of discussion in academia. The aim of this conference is to create a platform to discuss the current status in Turkey regarding data privacy with special focus on Education and Health data.

First day of the conference will be dedicated to privacy in education including a geneal session on social media which is very popular in Turkey especially among young people. The second day of the conference will be dedicated to data protection in health sector. We plan to discuss the current status in the world and in Turkey with participation form government institutions, private sector, and experts from academia.

List of Speakers (in alphabetical order)

  • Ulvi Altınışık, Ministry of Justice
  • Irem Cansu Atikcan, Yüksel Karkın Küçük Attorney Partnership
  • Nilgün Başalp, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Yasin Beceni, BTS & Partners
  • Kürşat Çağıltay, Middle East Technical University
  • Okan Çan, Deriş Attorney At Law Partnership
  • Victoria Çetinkaya, Information Commissioner's Office, UK
  • Yunus Emre Sılay, Ministry of Justice
  • Mustafa Güler, Turkish Medical Association
  • Gönenç Gürkaynak, ELIG & Partners
  • Yüksel Hız, Ministry of Justice
  • Leyla Keser Berber, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Joachim Kind, Safer Internet DE/Klicksafe
  • Elif Küzeci, Bahçeşehir University
  • Roberto Lattanzi, Data Protection Authority, Italy
  • Hasan Ogan, Turkish Medical Association
  • Burak Özdağıstanlı, Yüksel Karkın Küçük Attorney Partnership
  • Carlo Piltz, JBB Rechtsanwälte, Berlin
  • Yücel Saygın, Sabancı University
  • Yaprak Sarıışık, ERG (Education Reform Initiative)
  • Gürkan Sert, Marmara University
  • Hamide Tacir, Kadir Has University
  • Prodromos Tsiavos, London School of Economics
  • Oktay Uygun, Yeditepe University